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Update on test-optional admissions

By Shelley Enger | 12/14/2021

Test-optional admissions policies can be confusing. In this post, Shelley addresses confusion and questions students may have about whether to take the SAT or ACT and submit scores.

Beasley Sculpture Rondo 2 in front of Hearst Mining Building, UC Berkeley

Juniors: Time to start planning for college!

By Shelley Enger | 11/04/2021

As Capstone wraps up its busiest year ever, Shelley encourages interested families to schedule a consultation right away.

Tips for Soon-to-be High School Seniors

By Ava Slocum | 05/27/2021

In Ava’s final blog for Capstone, she shares tips from three recent high school graduates for incoming seniors.

How to Choose Your College: Advice from Students

By Ava Slocum | 04/25/2021

College decisions are out! Check out our latest blog post for advice from current college students about how they made their college choices.

Seniors: How to Evaluate Your College Options

By Shelley Enger | 04/15/2021

What can you do now to learn more about the colleges you are considering? Here are some tips.

College Decisions: Dealing with Disappointment

By Ava Slocum | 04/03/2021

With college decisions being released, this can be a difficult time of year. In our latest blog post, we speak to three 2020 grads about how they handled disappointment from rejections and got ready to make the most of their college experience.

Connecting with Teachers during Covid-19

By Carolyn Weirick | 03/23/2021

Carolyn has some great suggestions for students that they can use both online and in-person to gain that win-win that comes from student-teacher connection!

Dealing with Maybe: Suggestions for the Waitlisted

By Ava Slocum | 03/16/2021

Have you been waitlisted to a college you really want to attend? Check out these tips to maximize your chances of being accepted off the waitlist!

After College Apps: Finding and Applying for College Scholarships

By Ava Slocum | 02/18/2021

Now that you’ve finished your college apps, it’s time to apply for scholarships!

My Experiences with College Admissions Interviews

By Ava Slocum | 02/02/2021

Ava Slocum recounts her experiences with college admissions interviews and shares tips for how to navigate them more effectively.

Personal Approaches to Finding a Good College Fit

By Ava Slocum | 01/10/2021

Capstone speaks with three current college students about how and why they chose the schools they did, and what makes them fit in well at those colleges.

Reflections on College in a Time of Pandemic

By Ava Slocum | 12/16/2020

In our final post of the year, Ava speaks with three college students about their experiences completing a semester online and remotely. Ellie, Sean and Carver discuss lectures, extracurriculars, making friends, and their hopes for college after the pandemic.