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Applying to UC: The Writing Sections

By Ava Slocum | 11/14/2020

It’s the middle of November, so UC Applications are in full swing. Check out our latest blog to learn how the UC Application Writing Sections are structured and get tips on the best ways to complete them.

sather tower, campanile, UC Berkeley

Financial Aid: How To Assess Affordability

By Carolyn Weirick | 11/06/2020

Confused about college costs? You’re not alone. In our new blog, we discuss steps you can take to determine whether a specific college is affordable for your family.

university of puget sound

Top 10 Tips For Working With Your Child on College Applications

By Ava Slocum | 10/26/2020

Applying to college is a big deal. Here we’ve compiled Capstone’s top 10 tips for parents looking to support and assist their college-bound students.

stressed out young woman looking at laptop

Ideas for Parents: Supporting Students Through College Admissions

By Ava Slocum | 10/22/2020

Learn the best tips from other parents for staying on top of college application stress and maintaining open lines of communication with your child while they apply to college.

All About College Supplemental Essays #2: Student Voices

By Ava Slocum | 10/04/2020

(Part 2/2) College freshmen share tips and strategies for writing excellent supplemental essays.

All About College Supplemental Essays #1: Overview

By Ava Slocum | 09/26/2020

Learn about how to plan and write your college supplemental essays in this new post from Capstone intern Ava Slocum! She explains what the supplemental essays are, why they’re important, and how to execute them most effectively.

Advice to My Senior Self: Building the College List

By Ava Slocum | 09/09/2020

What are the most important factors to consider when building your college list? Ava talks with three recent high school grads about how they identified the colleges and universities that suited them best, and provides resources for families starting out on the college admission process.

Advice to My Senior Self: College Essay-Writing Edition

By Ava Slocum | 08/28/2020

In her second post, Ava talks to three other 2020 graduates about the advice they would give their senior-year selves now that they’ve gone through the college admissions process.

Meet the New Intern + Ava’s Gap Year Story

By Ava Slocum | 08/18/2020

Welcome to our new intern Ava! In her first blog post, she writes about her decision to take a gap year before starting college, as well as why students are choosing to go straight to college this year or not.

STEM Education during COVID-19 #3

By Ellie Surman | 08/11/2020

How are college students feeling about returning to STEM education during the pandemic? In Part 3 of this series, Ellie talks to four students to get their thoughts, concerns and hopes for the upcoming school year.

STEM Education during COVID-19 #2

By Ellie Surman | 08/10/2020

Professor Ursula Williams of Juniata College Department of Chemistry joins Ellie to discuss how colleges and STEM programs are preparing to return to school during the pandemic. How will students get face-to-face time in their labs without risking infection? How will students be kept engaged while distance learning, often hundreds of miles from campus? How are colleges adapting to a new normal?

Test-Optional Admissions During COVID-19 #3

By Shelley Enger | 08/01/2020

Dr Shelley Enger answers common questions about taking SAT/ACT for college admissions during COVID-19. How important is the SAT/SACT this year? Should I keep studying? What if I’m worried about catching COVID? Read the article for these answers and more