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Opinion: COVID-19 in the Curriculum

By Ellie Surman | 07/21/2020

Many colleges & universities have been adding courses on COVID-19 to their curricula for 2020-2021. But how robust and thorough are these courses, what are the universities’ motivations in adding them, and what will enrolled students learn? Ellie explores the issue:

STEM Education During COVID-19 #1

By Ellie Surman | 07/11/2020

In the first article in our new series, Ellie interviews Sophie and Grier about their experiences doing research in STEM during the pandemic. Look out for Part 2, coming soon!

First Year Voices #4

By Ellie Surman | 07/06/2020

In Part II of “The Gap Year during COVID-19”, Ellie talks to Ava and Sophie about their gap year plans, how they decided to take gap years, and what they’re excited for an worried about as they prepare to take a year away from school.

First Year Voices #3

By Ellie Surman | 06/30/2020

This week in First Year Voices, Ellie talks to 2020 high school graduates about gap years (part 1 of 2). Read about their concerns and get expert gap year advice from our special guest, Jason from J2Guides!

Test-Optional Admissions During COVID-19 #2

By Shelley Enger | 06/23/2020

Part 2 of 3 in our series on test-optional college admissions during the pandemic. We look at universities’ mixed messages on testing, health risks associated with tests, their drain on students’ time, and the fact that tests are not really optional in test-optional admissions.

Test-Optional Admissions During COVID-19 #1

By Shelley Enger | 06/23/2020

In Part I of a three-part series, we question the use of standardized test scores for college admissions during this highly unusual year.

Start Writing!

By Carolyn Weirick | 06/23/2020

It’s time to get going on your Common Application Essay! Carolyn writes about why it is so helpful to get a strong draft completed during the summer. If you have a student who needs to get going on their essay, take a look! You may want to consider having them enroll in our next essay workshop, coming up soon!

First Year Voices #2

By Ellie Surman | 06/22/2020

“How do you prepare for college during a pandemic?” — In the second article in our First Year Voices series, summer intern Ellie talks to incoming freshmen about how they’re preparing to start college.

First Year Voices #1

By Ellie Surman | 06/14/2020

“Student reactions to starting college during the pandemic” — In the first blog post of a new series, our summer intern talks to college-bound students about what is on their minds right now.

College-Bound Students with Learning Differences: Request Documentation Now

By Carolyn Weirick | 06/12/2020

Osler Library, McGill University. Image by Ziko van Dijk at Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 4.0 Int’l. Capstone will be posting often this summer about the…

Meet the Intern + Summer Activities to do during Social Distancing

By Ellie Surman | 06/06/2020

Hi! I am Ellie, the new summer intern at Capstone. I’ll be involved in spreading the word about college admissions news and communicating advice from…

Looking for a summer project? Try citizen science!

By Shelley Enger | 05/24/2020

Would you like to make important contributions to science, such as helping planetary scientists understand weather patterns on the south pole of Mars? Professional scientists…