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Parents of 11th Grade Students

At Capstone, we provide full-service college admissions guidance to students and their families using a multi-step process that is most effective when completed over time and finished well ahead of deadlines. Developing the college list and preparing application essays are the two biggest components of the application process, and both components require time, thought, effort and reflection to achieve the best outcomes.

We highly recommend that students start the process early in the junior year.

When you start early, tasks can be completed slowly throughout the year. If your student hasn’t begun yet, it is not too late. We recommend that rising seniors use the summer productively to finalize their college list and draft and complete their application essays before the busy fall semester. When school starts in the fall, they will be glad that they have more time to enjoy their final year of high school.

For current 11th graders who haven’t yet started working on their applications, now is the time to start. Our consultants still have some space for current 11th grade students, and we would love to help!

If your student would like expert guidance and support throughout this process, please save your space now!