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Support for Learning Differences

STEM & Health Care Career Guidance

Capstone's successful methods put the student in the driver's seat, encouraging personal responsibilty and self-advocacy.


We respect our students and their goals. Our mission is to help them realize their own greatest potential by listening carefully to what they say, and supporting them with individualized information and guidance.


Capstone is a resource for students with learning differences of all kinds. Our experienced advisers are dedicated to helping meet these students' unique needs and setting them up for success in school and beyond.


Capstone Advisers have effective methods and a time-proven process. Our students have been admitted to over 125 schools around the country, from liberal arts colleges to elite research universities and honors colleges.

About Us

Founded as a partnership between Carolyn Weirick and Dr. Shelley Enger, the Capstone team has grown as the needs and interests of our students and their families have grown. We serve students with a broad range of career goals in the liberal arts and sciences, but we are also specialists with extensive professional backgrounds in our specialty areas, including STEM, the health sciences, the social sciences, business, and high school counseling. We also provide exceptional resources and support for students with learning differences, and we support students who are seeking colleges with Division III athletic programs. The Capstone team will provide your student with personalized support, based on best practices, to help them achieve their educational goals.

"They understood the importance of providing reassurance, instilling confidence and creating a space where the girls can own and orchestrate their own success.”

-Maurice S., Capstone Parent

“With our first college-bound child Capstone helped us navigate completely uncharted waters. It was such a smooth process and so educational for both our student and us.”

“The Capstone team helped my child get into their dream school but also helped them explore and find other schools that were not even on our radar.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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