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Capstone will guide your child to success in high school, college, and beyond.

College Admissions & Educational Planning

Capstone offers a full range of educational planning services for students in grades 8-12 to help them and their families prepare effectively for the college search and admissions process. We also offer full-service, package, and hourly college admissions counseling services for students in grades 11 & 12, as well as live, interactive college planning and admissions webinars and workshops.

Educational Planning (Grades 8-12)

Capstone advisers counsel students from middle school forward on class selection, test planning, and summer activities so that they are best prepared for the college application process and a successful transition to college. We also help families look ahead by encouraging and preparing students to visit college campuses, virtually or in person, and are available to answer students’ and parents’ questions throughout the process. We guide students in academic and extracurricular planning, including:

  • High school course planning for both short and long-term;
  • Test planning and strategies, including responding to sudden changes in testing policies;
  • Summer activity planning to support student growth and development related to academic, career, intellectual enrichment, and service goals;
  • Training on appropriate and purposeful use of social media.

College Admissions Counseling (Grades 11-12)

A well-planned college list and college application can make all the difference in college admissions outcomes. We offer full-service, hourly, and package support to expertly guide students throughout the college application process, from helping them build their college lists in the beginning of the process through preparing them for their college orientation. We provide students with guidance on:

  • College lists, including how to evaluate colleges and communicate with admissions officers;
  • Test planning and strategies, including supporting them through the many test-policy changes occurring now;
  • Applications, including essays and other writing sections, letters of recommendation, interviews, and submission timing;
  • Financial Aid options, including strategies for merit and need-based aid;
  • Admissions decisions, including choice of college, waitlist responses, and financial aid packages;
  • Preparing for college, including preparing for housing, orientation, and social & academic aspects of college;
  • Professional etiquette coaching to help students gain soft skills that predict educational and career success.

Support for Learning Differences

Capstone provides expert guidance for students with learning challenges, including ADHD, ASD, anxiety, mood disorders, and executive functioning issues. These students often need additional resources and support along their educational path. Carolyn Weirick offers individualized school counseling during high school, guidance as students conduct their unique college searches, and assistance as they plan their transition to undergraduate programs and beyond.

High School Guidance & Support

Learning disabilities research indicates that students experience the best outcomes when they begin their educational planning in late middle school or early high school. The goal is to help students gain insight into their strengths and challenges and to develop a growth mindset. It is important that they undertake enough practice at self-advocacy in high school so that they will have the ability and confidence in college to demand the academic support they deserve.

We support students with learning challenges through:

  • High school course planning, short and long-term, including counseling to help students pursue their own interests and extracurriculars, and to find support systems while in high school;
  • A student-centered approach to developing self-advocacy to ensure appropriate classroom and technology accommodations in high school and college;
  • Targeted pre-screened referrals for students who seek outside academic support or educational therapy;
  • Extracurricular and summer activity planning geared toward the development of each student’s academic and career interests.

Individual College Admissions Counseling

It is critical that students with learning challenges assess colleges for academic support and best-fit environments. Capstone helps families evaluate the quality of college and university LD programs and determine the level of support needed for their student. Our goal is to help students identify the types of campuses and learning environments where they will thrive both academically and socially.

We can assist our students with all aspects of the college admissions process, including:

  • College lists, including teaching students how to evaluate colleges and their LD programs and communicate with admissions officers
  • Test planning and strategies, including supporting students through the many test-policy changes occurring now, with a focus on accommodations
  • Test preparation options, including referrals to test prep tutors who specialize in assisting students with every type of learning challenge
  • Applications, including essays and other writing sections, letters of recommendation, interviews, and timing of submission
  • Admissions decisions, including choice of college, waitlist responses, and financial aid packages

Transition Planning

Capstone’s LD program provides the resources, support, and encouragement students need to be successful from their very first day of college. Our goal is to help students develop the skills and confidence required to be their own strongest advocates in college and to seek out the support and accommodations they deserve.

Specifically, Capstone provides students and families with guidance in:

  • Current documentation required to register with college or university LD support programs;
  • Accommodations, both the low and high tech options, in preparation for meeting with college learning disability program counselors;
  • Federal disability laws and how they apply to students transitioning to college;
  • Requests for specialized health needs, along with unique housing and dining needs; 
  • Pre-college summer programs and/or early orientation programs for students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD.

STEM & Health Care Career Preparation

Careers in science, technology, engineering, math, and health care fields can be highly rewarding because they are creative and innovative and continually move knowledge forward. After nearly 20 years as an accomplished research scientist in epidemiology, Dr. Shelley Enger has firsthand knowledge of STEM and health care careers. She has mentored students and junior scientists for decades, and she has a deep interest in the process of science. She brings her extensive knowledge and skills to Capstone to foster the development of tomorrow’s STEM and health care professionals.

For students interested in nursing and therapy careers, Kim Spindler offers counseling and guidance in several fields: direct entry nursing, pre-occupational therapy, and pre-physical therapy. Kim and Shelley also provide support for pre-med students and those interested in related medical fields.

Capstone’s STEM and health care services include:

  • One-on-one mentoring for students wherever they are on their educational and career development path;
  • Summer program planning, including internship development and other effective ways to learn more about specific STEM and health care careers;
  • Practical research science courses, including Capstone’s “Fundamentals of Research Science” taught by Dr. Shelley Enger;
  • Personalized career planning, including graduate and medical school admissions counseling.

Webinars & Workshops

We now conduct informational webinars on current topics in all of our service areas, and we offer live, interactive workshops combined with virtual one-on-one counseling to expertly guide students through all parts of the college admissions process.

Coming soon! We look forward to offering the Fundamentals of Research Science course series as a live, interactive, virtual course for students who are interested in pursuing careers in STEM or health care fields.

Packages & Rates

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