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Media Appearances

Carolyn Weirick on AirTalk (89.3 KPCC), August 24, 2022

Carolyn Weirick was recently interviewed by Larry Mantle on AirTalk (89.3 KPCC) on the subject of the challenges that dyslexia poses to college students, and how best to navigate them. To hear the full 18-minute segment, click the link below, then scroll to the section titled "Students With Dyslexia Face An Even Tougher Challenge Once In College".

Carolyn Weirick featured in LAist, August 24, 2022

Jill Replogle of and KPCC recently interviewed Carolyn and included her contributions in an article on dyslexic students' self-advocacy in college. Jill joined Carolyn and Larry Mantle in the AirTalk interview shown above.

The Julie Chan Show, October 27, 2021

Capstone's Shelley and Carolyn sat down with Julie Chan of The Julie Chan Show recently for a fun interview! They share why they love this work, specifics about how they support students and families, and how they are responding to emerging trends in college admissions.