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Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley

Middle & High School

Capstone offers a full range of educational planning services for students in grades 7-10 through our unique DEVELOP program. We counsel students on class selection, test planning, school year and summer activities, study habits, social media habits, careers, and much more to help students achieve a rewarding and enriching school experience that will prepare them well for their future applications to college. We also share with parents ways that they can support their students on their educational journey.

College Admissions

A well-planned college list and carefully developed college application can make all the difference in college admissions outcomes. Using a calm, positive, student-centered approach, we expertly guide students through the college application process, beginning with helping them build their college lists and ending with preparing them for their college orientation. We specifically provide students with guidance on:

  • College list development
  • Demonstrating interest
  • Test planning and preparation strategies
  • Letters of recommendation
  • The student résumé
  • Application essays and other writing sections
  • Financial aid strategies
  • Interview preparation
  • Admissions decisions
  • Preparing for college

Medical School & Health Sciences

Careers in health care can be highly rewarding, and Capstone supports students who wish to train for careers in health care. After nearly 20 years as an accomplished cancer epidemiologist and research scientist, Dr. Shelley Enger has firsthand knowledge of health care careers. She has mentored students and junior scientists for decades, and she has a deep interest in the process of science and the development of health care-related careers. Kim Spindler brings additional depth to Capstone’s team, with a background as a UC San Francisco-trained physical therapist who worked for many years in the field. Kim and Shelley provide support for pre-med students and those interested in applying to other graduate programs in health care-related fields.

Services include guidance throughout college on:

  • Internship, shadowing, and research experiences
  • Extracurricular, student organization, and volunteer experiences
  • Test planning and preparation strategies
  • Working with the pre-health advising office
  • Planning for and completing applications
  • Application essays and other writing sections
  • Interview preparation
  • Admissions decisions

Support for Learning Differences

Capstone provides expert guidance for students with learning differences, including ADHD, ASD, anxiety, mood disorders, and executive functioning issues, as well as provides the unique support often needed for those students who are highly gifted. Carolyn Weirick brings years of expertise in this field while offering warm, personalized guidance and support to neurodiverse students and their families.

Our services include:

  • Academic planning in middle and high school
  • Counseling to help students pursue their unique interests and extracurriculars
  • Guidance in finding the support systems they need while in school
  • A student-centered approach with specific recommendations for developing self-awareness and advocacy skills while in high school
  • Targeted advising for families seeking information about admissions testing accommodations and/or tutoring
  • Pre-screened referrals for families seeking psychoeducational evaluations, ADHD coaching and/or educational therapy

Capstone also helps families evaluate the quality of college LD programs and determine the level of support needed for their students. Our goal is to assist studentsto  identify the types of campuses and learning environments where they will thrive both academically and socially, and then provide the guidance they need as they transition to college. Specifically, Capstone provides expertise for students and families as they:

  • Research college options and evaluate learning disability programs.
  • Gather the required documentation needed to register with college LD support programs.
  • Research all necessary accommodations to prepare for meeting with college disability program counselors.
  • Request accommodations for specialized health needs, and unique housing and dining needs.
  • Investigate pre-college summer programs and early orientation programs for students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD.

Writing & Essay Coaching

College application essay coaching is a key—and highly valued—service provided by Capstone as part of the College Applications services. We also offer a range of personalized writing-coaching services that can include:

  • Structured tasks designed to improve planning, drafting, self-evaluation and self-editing.
  • Creation of individualized work including reading materials, field work activities and creative writing tasks.
  • Individualized lesson plans including a range of activities from analysis, synthesis, idea exploration, formative feedback and evaluative tasks.
  • Tasks and activities designed to prioritize creative joy, exploration and inspiration, and build key language skills and confidence in writing.
  • Exploration of different writing styles through analytical and exploratory activities from a wide range of texts, including comics & graphic novels, and modern & classical fiction.
  • Creative approaches to visualization with activities such as illustration, found poetry, stimuli boards, character portfolios and other world building activities.
  • A gentle focus on grammar and punctuation and how writers can use them as a creative tool.

Divison III Athletic Recruitment

Capstone provides special resources and guidance for students who are looking to play Division III sports in college. Christine Flores has years of experience, training, and knowledge in working with student athletes to seek recruitment to college sports. Check back soon for more information on this service!

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