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Carolyn Weirick

MPsych, PPS

Owner & Co-Founder

Carolyn Weirick

Carolyn Weirick is a credentialed school counselor and college admissions consultant with many years of experience. She brings a varied background to her consulting endeavors, having worked in public policy, private business, college consulting, and educational institutions for many years.

Leading a team of counselors and essay specialists, Carolyn has directed a college counseling program supporting many clients over the years, while also directing the development and implementation of a counseling program at the Waldorf School in Pasadena. She has traveled widely throughout the United States visiting college campuses and is passionate about helping young people find their best fit. Carolyn has extensive experience working with students interested in business, political science, English, communication,  psychology, and the visual arts, but has worked with young people interested in all types of fields. Carolyn also has a special love for helping scholar athletes as they search for their best fit at the Division III level.

Carolyn was also the co-owner of Integrated Learning Solutions, an educational services company in San Marino, California, which provided both assessment and support for students with attention issues and learning differences. As such, she is very familiar with the wide range of learning challenges facing students, and she is committed to helping families understand and cope with the intricacies of various learning and attention issues. Carolyn has a passion for supporting young people with learning challenges as they work through the college admissions process and navigate the transition to college, but she has unique experience and understanding in working with children and young people with Asperger’s and High Functioning Autism.

Carolyn attended Claremont McKenna College and the University of Oregon, and she is personally familiar with the college admissions process as the mother of three teen boys, including a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering and playing varsity mens’ volleyball at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey.