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Medical School & Health Sciences

After nearly 20 years as an accomplished cancer epidemiologist and research scientist, Dr. Shelley Enger has firsthand knowledge of health care careers. She has mentored students and junior scientists for decades, and she has a deep interest in the process of science and the development of health care-related careers. Shelley provides support for pre-med students and those interested in applying to other graduate programs in health care-related fields.

Services include guidance throughout college and beyond college on:

  • Internship, shadowing, and research experiences
  • Extracurricular, student organization, and volunteer experiences
  • Test planning and preparation strategies
  • Working with the pre-health advising office
  • The program/school list and assessment of likelihood of admission
  • Planning for and completing applications
  • Application essays and other writing sections
  • Interview preparation
  • Admissions decisions

Our goal is to help every pre-health sciences student prepare well for their applications and matriculate to a program that is a great fit for them through a process that supports, educates and empowers the student.