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Tia Bach


Essay Specialist

Tia Bach

Tia Bach is a writer and editor with over thirty years of experience in writer education and development. She believes everyone has a valuable and unique perspective and has dedicated herself to helping people successfully express their creativity and individuality.

She has guided both domestic and international young and novice writers through workshops, panels, critique and mastermind groups, and speaking engagements. As an editor for a small publishing company, she examined queries, selecting the most promising ones to review further, offering editing and story suggestions to the authors. With her freelance clients, she facilitates their growth by offering detailed comments on plot development, grammar rules, and voice. No matter the client, she focuses on developing their skills and confidence while ensuring the quality of their final piece. 

As an Editor in Chief for a small editing company, she oversees, trains, and develops writers and junior editors to optimize production and ensure exceptional output. She has guided and motivated staff and writers to achieve excellence under tight deadlines and demanding expectations. Through the years, she has also worked with young professionals on résumé creation as well as with students on college and high school preparatory essays.

She is passionate about discovering a writer’s voice and unique story to aid them in achieving their future goals. As well as working with writers, she is the author of over fifteen published novels, including her award-winning Tala Prophecy young adult series. 

Tia has been married for twenty-seven years to her college sweetheart and is the mother to three daughters, who have provided an intimate knowledge of the college application process. Her eldest will graduate with a science degree in May and then pursue a Master’s degree; her middle daughter is a college sophomore who was recently accepted into her Construction Management program; and her youngest is a junior in high school and currently engaged in the college admissions journey.