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Kate Rackham


Essay Specialist & Writing Coach

Kate Rackham

Kate Rackham is an experienced teacher, pastoral care leader, and school management leader at the assistant principal level.

She has many years of classroom teaching and wider coaching experience. Kate has a diverse background, having worked in public sector education for many years before running an independent publishing house in London, providing a platform for diverse and under-represented voices. She was editor-in-chief for many years, as well as a freelance editor, working with several clients who went on to become USA TODAY bestsellers, and award winning authors.

She has hosted international conferences and smaller retreats, working with artists, writers and creatives, to enable, inspire, and equip them with the skills to make a success of their creative businesses.

No matter what varied direction her career has taken, at the core of it, Kate has always had a passion for the importance of quality teaching, coaching, and the role it has in supporting individuals to achieve their potential.

Kate has worked with a variety of age groups and minority groups, but her true passion lies in working with young adults, enabling them to navigate their choices with confidence. Kate has always championed the value of different learning abilities, skill sets, and ways of thinking. She celebrates diversity, creativity and individuality in all people, and strives to assist them to reach the very best of their potential.

Over the course of her teaching career, Kate initiated gifted and talented programs into the school curriculum, ensuring the knowledge and attainment required to enter Oxford and Cambridge University colleges, as well as other top level universities in the UK. She has maintained excellent  connections with previous team members in the UK, who continue to successfully support young people entering top tier universities. This has given her a solid skill base for working with aspirational students in the American university system.

As well as a successful teaching and publishing career, she is the author of twelve published Young Adult fiction novels and is best known for her internationally best-selling and award winning series, The Knight Trilogy.This allowed her to travel to the United States for several years before moving from London to settle in California with her husband and two young daughters.