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Support for Learning Differences

Capstone provides expert guidance for K-12 students with learning differences, including ADHD, ASD, learning disabilities, anxiety, mood disorders, and executive functioning issues. We also provide the unique support often needed for students who are twice exceptional. Carolyn Weirick brings years of expertise in this field while offering warm, personalized guidance, planning, and support to neurodiverse students and their families. Capstone also offers the additional time, expertise, and support that is often needed for these students to complete their applications and essays.

Capstone also helps families with high school students evaluate the quality of college LD programs and determine the level of support needed for their students. Our goal is to assist neurodiverse students to identify the types of campuses and learning environments where they will thrive both academically and socially, and then provide the guidance they need as they transition to college.

Our program is designed to support students in two primary ways, which then come together during the junior and senior years as students navigate the college application process.

Individualized K-12 educational consultation and planning

In our K-12 program, we provide:

  • Guidance for families that want to investigate the possibility of ADHD and/or a learning deficit.
  • Pre-screened referrals for families seeking psychoeducational evaluations, therapeutic support, ADHD coaching, and/or educational therapy.
  • Support for families that need assistance with their student’s IEP or 504 as it is developed or reviewed, including whether there is a need for this type of educational plan.
  • A student-centered approach with specific recommendations for developing self-awareness and self-advocacy skills while in middle school and high school.
  • Academic planning and course selection in middle and high school, which includes finding the support systems students need while in school and at home.
  • One-on-one coaching with middle school and high school students to encourage them academically and provide resources as they pursue their unique interests and extracurriculars.

Individualized college admissions planning

In our college admissions program, we:

  • Research college options, evaluating both the learning disability programs and the social support provided at each campus.
  • Assess which colleges will offer the best overall location and social environment for each student to thrive and be successful, based on the student’s unique needs.
  • Offer encouragement and proven strategies for the students as they work through the completion of each of their applications and essays.
  • Gather the required documentation needed to register with college LD support programs.
  • Research all necessary accommodations to prepare the student to meet with college disability program counselors.
  • Assist students as they request accommodations for their unique learning, health, housing and dining needs.
  • Investigate pre-college summer programs and early orientation programs for students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD.

Our goal is to help our students find confidence and success in high school, and then find the colleges with the best academic fit, LD support, and social setting for them. We strive to provide a meaningful contribution to our students as they grow as independent learners and self advocates who recognize their strengths and challenges and are ready to ask for the help they need as they begin college.