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Middle & High School Educational Planning

Capstone offers educational planning services for students in grades 7-10 through our unique DEVELOP program. For students interested in Capstone's college applications and admissions services, we recommend signing up for educational planning services no later than early in high school.

Consulting Services

We provide guidance on:

  • Selecting classes
  • Planning for the SAT or ACT
  • Learning how to effectively interact with teachers
  • Choosing school year activities
  • Developing or applying for summer experiences
  • Improving study habits
  • Building wise social media habits
  • Investigating career interests
  • and more

Internship Development Workshop

Doing research with a local professor is a valuable way for students to develop lab and work skills, meet professors in their field of interest, and determine whether or not a career in research interests them. To help students create their own research internship with a local professor, we offer an Internship Development Workshop every winter. In the workshop, we teach students how to identify prospective mentors at local universities or colleges, create a polished resume, and draft an effective cover letter to send to the prospective mentor. By the end of the workshop, students will have finalized their resume and cover letter and reached out to their prospective mentor to request an internship.

Our goal is to help students achieve a rewarding and enriching school experience that will prepare them well for their future applications to college. We also share with parents ways that they can support their students on their educational journey.