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Unit 3 Dorms, UC Berkeley


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Powell Library at UCLA

Pre-med tips for high school students

By Shelley Enger | 06/14/2023

Dr. Shelley Enger provides a run-down of everything aspiring pre-med high school students need to know before committing to an undergraduate program.

internship guide cover

Announcing the Internship Development Guide

By Shelley & Carolyn | 06/09/2023

Capstone’s new Internship Development Guide takes you through each step of developing your own research internship. Get it now for a discounted introductory price!

EF Academy

EF Academy: a new private boarding & day school in Pasadena, Calif.

By Shelley Enger | 05/18/2023

EF Academy is a new private boarding & day school in Pasadena, CA. Shelley recently had a private tour with school administrators to learn all about it.

Taking estuary samples south of Cal Poly Humboldt

The importance of using your summer wisely

By Carolyn & Shelley | 01/18/2023

High schoolers: now is the time to start looking for summer programs! They are a great way to gain experience and show demonstrated interest!

Humboldt Student Activities

Pathways to college for B and C students

By Carolyn & Shelley | 01/11/2023

You don’t need top grades in high school to find a college where you can fit in and thrive. Shelley and Carolyn explain how.

Kaufman Hall at UCLA

Next steps for early decisions

By Carolyn Weirick | 12/09/2022

Learn about the crucial next steps to take after receiving early decision and early action notifications from the colleges you’ve applied to!

SDSU Student Services by Jim Brady

Test-optional admissions: Should you submit scores?

By Shelley Enger | 10/14/2022

Test-optional admissions policies can be confusing. In this post, Shelley addresses confusion and questions students may have about whether to take the SAT or ACT and submit scores.

Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley

Understanding college facts & stats

By Shelley & Carolyn | 09/03/2022

Capstone is excited to introduce Collegepedia! Plus: Learn the basics of how colleges present facts & stats, and how to interpret them effectively.

Storke Tower at UCSB

Parents: Supporting your student through admissions disappointment

By Shelley Enger | 04/01/2022

Colleges are sending out more rejections than usual this year. Here is some advice for parents to help their students through the disappointment of missing out on a hoped-for acceptance letter.

Rice University

The Value of Visiting Colleges

By Carolyn Weirick | 03/22/2022

High school juniors can greatly benefit from visiting colleges before starting your applications. In this article, Carolyn lists the top 6 reasons why you should be sure to make this a part of your college research process.

Clark Center at Stanford University in California

Applying for a Highly Competitive Major

By Shelley Enger | 03/11/2022

Here are some helpful tips if you are applying for admission to a highly competitive major.

Campanile and Wheeler Hall at UC Berkeley

What you need to know about UC Berkeley’s enrollment cap

By Shelley & Carolyn | 03/08/2022

Everything you need to know about UC Berkeley admissions in light of the court-ordered enrollment cap for 2022, and knock-on effects for other UCs and CSUs.