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College application essay coaching is a key—and highly valued—service provided by Capstone as part of the College Application Consulting services, and strong writing skills are essential for most professional careers today. Our essay specialists, Kate Rackham and Tia Bach, offer a range of personalized writing-coaching services, and they help keep students on track and on time with their application essays. While colleges require more than just strong essays to gain admission, strong essays can help tip the balance in favor of a qualified applicant.

Our essay specialists, Kate Rackham and Tia Bach, offer a range of personalized writing services that include:

  • Structured tasks designed to improve planning, drafting, self-evaluation and self-editing.
  • Creation of individualized work including reading materials, field work activities and creative writing tasks.
  • Individualized lesson plans including a range of activities from analysis, synthesis, idea exploration, formative feedback and evaluative tasks.
  • Tasks and activities designed to prioritize creative joy, exploration and inspiration, and build key language skills and confidence in writing.
  • Exploration of different writing styles through analytical and exploratory activities from a wide range of texts, including comics & graphic novels, and modern & classical fiction.
  • Creative approaches to visualization with activities such as illustration, found poetry, stimuli boards, character portfolios and other world building activities.
  • A gentle focus on grammar and punctuation and how writers can use them as a creative tool.