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Division III Athletic Recruitment

Capstone consultants provide support to students who strive to play at the Division III level. This division provides a balance of academic and athletic excellence that our students and families are most often seeking.

Adding athletic recruitment into the college admissions process can bring a great deal of excitement and personal growth for the student athlete, but it can also make the process significantly more challenging. Athletes must develop their college lists with a big additional factor—they must find college fits where there are also coaches who want them. If the coach is not interested, the student must move on to the other colleges on their list. This can happen with no notice and at any time in the process.

Our goal is to help each student athlete find the colleges that fit them academically and socially, but which also have coaches who want them on their roster. Our hope is that our process will help student athletes build confidence, self-knowledge, and communication skills as they go through their athletic recruitment process.