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Meet Capstone’s founders

Carolyn Weirick, MPsych, PPS (left) and Shelley Enger, PhD, MPH (right)

After a combined 20 years counseling students on our own, in 2019 Carolyn Weirick and Shelley Enger formed Capstone Education Advisers for a simple reason. Together, we could do better! Using holistic and evidence-based methods, we help our students find their true educational path and reduce the stress of the process. We know that the students who succeed are the ones who are true to their core interests and are not just trying to check the boxes.

Education research has shown that students who have a “growth mindset"—valuing learning for its own sake—respond to stress in healthier ways than students who do not. We encourage students to develop their own growth mindset so that they can better handle the stresses of college life and beyond. We have also created unique guidance methods that promote wellness, reduce stress, and support the goals of our students and their families as they move through the college admissions process.

Strategic preparation results in successful college applicants who thrive in college. We created our DEVELOP program to help our students in grades 8 through 12 prepare for college academically and experientially. Shelley also developed and teaches original coursework to ignite students’ passion for STEM and the health sciences. Her popular Fundamentals of Research Science courses, which earned her the California Assembly’s 49th District “2014 Woman of the Year” award, will now be offered under Capstone to teach students the process of research science and prepare students for summer internships.

We also recognize the many ways that students learn and the challenges that students face who need additional support through their educational path. Carolyn brings years of expertise working with students who have learning differences, as well as those who just need a little extra support, to help them grow into independent learners with strong support systems, build their self-advocacy skills, navigate the college application process, and experience a successful transition to college.

Finally, in these challenging times of uncertainty, we have embraced technology to help us support our students. We pivoted quickly to a fully online environment through the use of Zoom webinars and meetings, specialized educational software, and regular use of online higher education resources that help us effectively guide our students with all types of interests to achieve fulfilling educational and career goals.

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